The wireless cabal

Everyone is you.  Anyone can become you.  There is nothing you can do.  If this scares you, good.  The reality is that the internet is a scary place, but it does not have to be that way.  Sam Harris outlines some of today’s struggles with privacy and security in his podcast with Zeynep Tufekci.  It is more about education, the more you know the less likely you are to fall prey to online theft.

The thought

There are many ways that privacy’s are being infringed upon.  The main thing I would like to discuss in my blog is our ability as “free people” to question what the governing powers do.  It is all fine and dandy to be ignorant, I mean ignorance is bliss right? But with freedom and safety there is no room for ignorance.  I want to surf the web

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and plug in my passwords and, email addresses without having to worry about someone stealing them or monitoring them.  I think this is everyone’s right.

At risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, the government wants to monitor all our online activities to help prevent terrorism.  “This will protect me, this will keep me safe.”  I am sure this is always the message people are trying to get across when they agree with this practice of spying.  With this mentality, we miss a vital piece of information; how does this apply when things change and maybe your comments turn into threats.  Perhaps you dislike the way our government does something, so you voice your opinion on twitter. That’s great, because you have freedom of speech, but what happens with the era of the all seeing eye? That comment has put someone on alert and everything you do will be scrutinized and all your actions questioned.  The sense of individuality will deteriorate if we begin to sacrifice too much liberty for safety.

The afterthought

I agree with the mindset of sacrificing some freedoms for safety, I mean it’s the only way to keep our other freedoms.  I would just like to remind people, pay attention and ask questions.  Information is the most valuable resource that exists today, and this is something that nobody should forget.

Let me know how crazy I sound by commenting below.




Lord Nelson

Napoleon is taking over the world.  The British need to make a stand at sea to prevent a war on home soil.  A Vice-Admiral named Horatio Nelson uses genius strategy and leadership to win key battles against the French and turn the tide of the war at sea.

Who and what??

Horatio Nelson was a great leader and helped Britain remain free from the clutches of French forces.  Nelson’s men loved him, and his tactics were used by other naval captains to win battles.  His most notable quote “First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can” is why he is my leader of choice.  This quote tells me that a good leader is always thinking ahead and it is not only about the goals, but what you do with them afterward.

What I know…

Horatio Nelson came from a military family and he was honor bound to serve his country in the best way possible which for Britain, meant the navy.  He lost an eye and an arm during his ship battles with the French and neither of these wounds kept him down.  The most notable battles in the Napoleonic war that involved Britain all had Lord Nelson involved.  Nelson served in the Navy from 1771-1805 when he died from a bullet wound during the Battle of Trafalgar.

The interwebs

Stories and books about Horatio Nelson can be found everywhere, many notable historians have online publications surrounding Nelson’s accounts of the battle.  Nelson’s quotes are used frequently on the internet and by leaders.

I want some more

It is my hope to learn more about this great Naval leader.  I am interested in some of his more notable battles, as well as his leadership qualities.

The end


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A quick way to get into ship battles would be to watch “Master and Commander: The far side of the world” a film by Peter Weird.  The film was adapted from a book written by Patrick O’Brian.


War at sea requires more strategy than a war on land, this is my opinion.  What do you think?



A good day in skateboarding

Punks, freaks, elitists, and misfits.  This is the stigma surrounding skateboarders and the skateboarding culture.  Is it fair that one sect of the sport has put a damper on everyone attitude? Absolutely not.

Who is helping?

Element skateboards are trying to change peoples minds with their advertising campaign.  They want to take away the stigma and show that skateboarding is healthy, not only for the body but also for the mind.  They are doing this by educating the public and showing kids in a safe and friendly environment.


I recently did a project for a marketing class on what a good campaign looked like.  The element campaign was not only a great example of good public relations, but they are doing fantastic things to grow the sport into something that everyone can proud of.  Especially with skateboarding entering the Olympics.  It is imperative that the stigma surrounding this sport is diminished.

Future impact

The impact this type of campaign has for the future is allowing parents to feel safe and secure knowing that their kids are involved in something that is important.  It is not about being mean and doing drugs.  Everyone needs a creative outlet, and Element has offered to show people how to use skateboarding as one.

In the end?

As we all know, parents can be overbearing, perhaps this is a chance for kids to move out from under that umbrella.  Folks it is time to let those kids skate free of your loving embrace!

If you feel differently, please let me know below, or don’t.  Seriously, it is up to you.

Welcome to the sphere


Blogging? I literally just found out that I have to keep a consistent blog. I am brand new to the blogosphere as some would say, and I will need to keep my head up. This is a college assignment for advertising because I am learning to be a louder voice in media. Most folks say this is exciting, for me it is terrifying.


Dan Nosowitz- September 18th, 2013


Essential #1 YES PLEASE!

The first essential element of a good blog is the format.  If not done correctly your blog can come out as boring and lose readers in the first 30 seconds.  KEEP reading please because things are going to pick-up, this I promise.  A good format should entice a reader to stay on the blog. Maintaining a great flow to keep attention and offer some discussion content for the end.


Essential #2 HOORAY!

Content will be our second choice here.  Providing the right content in the right fashion is key.  Establishing the knowledge of what will be read in this blog at the start, and following that format and content through to the end is extremely important.  Without content, there wouldn’t even be a blog or a reason to blog.


Essential #3 BOOM!

A roll of the dice and we have structure.  The third key element in our recipe for world domination, I mean blogging.  The structure is what keeps our blog standing, allows the content to fit in properly and the format to have a home.  A structure creates a sense of purpose for the writing/blogging and offers some guidelines for an otherwise personal piece.


Blog of the century?

I am not super excited for the masses to read my thoughts.  I am, however, excited to share my low-key opinions.  Have you ever wanted to say something over the top and worried the internet would eat you alive for it?

Form and Function?

“Form follows function.” – Louis Sullivan

I am currently taking a layout and design course, and a recent philosophical debate arose around the quote “Form follows function.”  In this discussion I put my hat in that one cannot live without the other.

Im not sure if Sullivans intentions back in 1896 were to start a revolutionary debate topic from his adage, but most people who see it agree with it.  I believe it was meant to make you think, get those creative juices flowing and see what came out the other end.

As a realist, it seems as simple as a ying & yang situation, but behind those three words lies a whole different perspective on the world and how we create.

In the end, it cannot just be art if you are going to use it, and just because you need to use it, does not mean it cannot also be art.

But, what do I know? Perhaps you know more, so share those thoughts in the comment section.

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Hello world

Just jumping at the idea of surfing?

Join me as we explore the Canadian surf scene and the culture that accompanies it.

I will be exploring some of the culture, surf spots, surf towns, and some of the pro surfers that come from Canada.

So strap on that board leash so you don’t get taken under by the majesty and beauty that is the ocean, and a culture that will make you fall in love.